There are 2 official tokens within the xCrypt.tech ecosystem: $XCRYPT & $BCRYPT


XCRYPT is the main and governance token of xCrypt project. $XCRYPT represents ownership and access to powerful coins.

  • Buying and upgrading NFT Coins

  • Staking

  • Tradable (coming soon)

Token Ticker: $XCRYPT

Contract: (coming soon)

gXCrypt and gBCrypt (In-game Currency)

  • In-game Currency play a pivotal role in purchasing NFT boxs, upgrading your NFT coins, supplying battery, and unlocking advanced features within the game.

  • In case of insufficient gXCrypt in your game balance, gBCrypt will be used in place of the remaining gXCrypt amount.

  • gBCrypt can be minted by Coin Mining feature and Twitter Chest.

Convert between $gXCrypt and $gBCrypt

The Deposit & Withdraw feature streamlines the process of transferring XCrypt to your game wallet (gXCrypt) and vice versa.

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