🎁Twitter Chest

In xCrypt, Twitter Chests are special containers filled with valuable items for you and your coin. You can get them by 2 ways:

Newbie Quest:

Go to the Quest tab – Choose Newbie Quest and you will see a list including:

  • Follow XCrypt Twitter

  • Turn on notifications

  • Comment on one of our tweets

Complete these 3 quests to claim the prize. You can only do Newbie quest once.

Daily Quest - Newsfeed Discoveries

Each day you will have the chance to open 02 chests on XCrypt Twitter feed. Simply scrolling through your feed to find the chest icon under a random profile picture; click on it and reply with any text includes hashtag '#xcrypt' to complete the task. After that you can collect your rewards!

What's Inside

Once you complete a task and successfully open a chest, you can find a wide range of valuable items. These include:



A special token that holds significant value in xCrypt's ecosystem.

Green/ Yellow/ Orange Battery


Essential to make sure your coin stays fully charged.

Magic Water


Important liquid for maintaining a clean and tidy environment for your coin.



Used to fix your coin when they're weak, ensure their efficiency.

Safe Box


A protective item that safeguards your coin from potential harm.

The Chest feature is designed to ensure that your Coins are well-equipped, empowered, and ready to shine. So, stay active and seize every chance you get to complete these quests, unraveling the potential for growth, strength, and prosperity in the world of xCrypt.

Balancing Rewards:

The rewards you receive when opening a chest are carefully balanced to enhance gameplay. As your coin's level progresses, the contents of the chest may change to maintain a fair and engaging experience for all players.

So, stay alert for all the hidden chests on X Feed. Each of them is a valuable opportunity to strengthen your coins with essential items and tokens that contribute to their prosperity in the xCrypt world.

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