🤝Earn Together

"Earn Together" serves as a fundamental aspect of our referral system, aiming to foster community bonds and mutual benefits among participants.

Invitation Code System

XCrypt's Refer and Earn program follows a streamlined 1-tier model, empowering referrers (F0) to enjoy commissions based on the XCRYPT spendings of those directly referred (F1).

Whenever your referred friend (F1) uses XCRYPT to upgrade NFTCoin or buy a battery, you, as the referrer (F0), enjoy an immediate commission equivalent to 5% of these transactions' amount. This instant gratification not only fuels your earnings but also fortifies the connection between referrer and referred, fostering a harmonious and mutually beneficial relationship.


F0 generates a unique referral link within the XCrypt platform. This link is then shared with potential referrals (F1). Get your Ref code at XCrypt Extension Interface.

2. Friends Join XCrypt

Friends referred by F0 join XCrypt, either through the referral link or by entering the referral code during the registration process.

3. Conversion of BCRYPT

When F1 uses $XCRYPT within the XCrypt ecosystem, commissions are triggered according to the referral mechanism, and F0 receives their respective percentage.

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