🛣️Road Map

1. Q4/2023

  • Finalize Idea and Build Team

  • Build Social Media Channels

  • Develop Borrowing and Repay Feature

  • Develop MVP version and hold internal testing

2. Q1/2024

  • Airdrop

  • Develop Freemint feature

  • Develop Converting and Staking Feature

  • Finish building extension and hold private testing for Internal team to address potential issues

  • Box sales

  • Mainnet

  • DEXs/CEXs Listing

  • Community events

3. Q2/2024

  • Partnerships

  • Unlock Marketplace feature

  • Beta Testing for PvP feature.

  • Publish PvP feature

  • Execute branding activities

  • Unlocking new levels for Coins

4. Q3/2024

  • Introduce additional elements to improve PvP

  • Introduce advanced Social Fi features.

  • Enhance the social and interactive aspects of the platform to increase engagement.

  • Integrate compatibility with multiple blockchain networks to enhance flexibility.

Note: The provided timeline is an estimate, and adjustments may be made based on development progress, user feedback, and market conditions. The roadmap aims to provide a general overview of key features and updates planned for the next three months. The roadmap will be updated every 3 month due to the unpredictable of the market

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