⛏️Mining (level 7+)

Access the Mining tab, choose your Coin, and choose ''Mining''.

Coin Powering Up: Initially, all Coins start at level 1. Depending on its rarities, each coin will have a different earning level.

The Mining Zone: Once your coin achieves level 7, an exclusive mining zone will be unlocked, and you will become its owner. In this zone, your coin will engage in various crafting and mining activities to help you earn valuable BCRYPT tokens. You can use the earnings to upgrade your Coin to further boost their efficiency in the zone, leading to an increase in BCrypt and XCrypt output later.

Your Coins can simultaneously participate in the Mining process in the Mining zone, as long as they are level 7 or higher. Claimmable XCrypt can reflect the total XCrypt income of each Coin participating in the Mining zone, turning the journey of growth and prosperity into a collective venture within the ecosystem of XCrypt.


Each Coin NFT will be assigned a Boost index. The mining speed of the coin will fluctuate, increasing or decreasing, depending on the trend of currencies within the last 24 hours. This dynamic mechanism adds an exciting and responsive element to the mining experience.

For instance, if ETH is on an uptrend and increases by 10% within 24 hours, the strength of your corresponding xETH Coin NFT also increases by 10%. Conversely, if ETH decreases by 10%, the strength of your xETH Coin NFT decreases by 10%.

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